Sunday, October 26, 2008

Microsoft Open Windows 7 Developers blog

There’s a new blog on the msdn site called the “Windows 7 Developers Blog.”

It’s goal:

This blog will mainly focus on the development aspects of Windows 7 by providing valuable content for developers. We shall call this blog “The Windows 7 Blog for Developers”. By valuable content we mean that this blog will be a “one stop shop” on the road to get yourself familiar with what Windows 7 has to offer for developers and how you can “Light-Up” using Windows 7 features in your application.


Certally this is a great idea from Microsoft!

Poster “J” admitted that the new blog is meant to address a piece of the market Microsoft has neglected with Vista:

This blog is part of an effort to highlight Windows 7 development story, a story that for some reason got lost with Windows Vista. As part of the Windows 7 Evangelism team and as developers, we hope, together with you and the rest of the community will be able to create an open and direct dialog about developing for Windows 7.

This new release of Windows has a lot of new features that will give developers a chance to differentiate their applications, as well as solid foundations to build upon.